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Useful Tips

Organizing your Computer

Whether it's a new year's resolution or the desire to become more computer literate for today's job market, we have a few tips for you! 

Fall 2015

The kids are going back to school...hurrah for us, kids, you'll be fine.  When you're buying those school supplies, throw out last year's if the kids have outgrown them, better yet donate to a local thrift store organization.  Your 15 year old will forget that Hello Kitty pencil box to give their kid in 17 years.  Do the same with their outgrown and worn clothing.

Summer 2015

When it is too hot to be outside, work on a few indoor projects that never seem to get done...organize your photos (put them in an album or make one!), clear out a closet (or a few!)

Spring 2015

While everything is finally thawing out, let's remember to get rid of that 8th set of boots, ripped gloves, tattered scarves, etc.  A great rule of thumb is one item in, two items out.  If you can't do a 2 for 1, at least make it a 1 to 1. 

Winter 2015

This is a very tough winter.  If you're baking or cooking a bunch of goodies, this is the time to throw out the dented pots, pans, etc.  If you have 8 spatulas, get rid of 6 of them.  

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