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Organizing your computer
Being organized on your computer is critical whether you're a business person, student, entrepreneur, or managing a household: 

  • Locating files on your computer

  • Deleting files no longer needed (and which ones should be saved)

  • Creating folders - naming them correctly, keeping them organized, having a file system that is easily understood

  • Photos - being able to find them, storing them, eliminating duplicates

  • Having an effective backup system (what would you do should your computer crash or you get a virus that wipes out the hard drive?)

  • Knowing your software: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, photo editing such as Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, and more.  

  • Brushing up your skills for the marketplace - be up to date with current software whether you are returning to the workplace, between jobs, or have a need to be current!  

the big picture (they do my website) works with businesses and individuals in training, cleaning up their computer, and more. 

Contact Alan Weaver at info@big-pic.net or 203-849-8933 to schedule an appoint or to obtain more information. 


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