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About Amy

Amy is certified by NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers). 

What clients tell Amy Van Arsdale in their homes always stays in their homes. But chances are…… some of their stuff will end up gone.

As the owner of Simply Organize It, Van Arsdale helps customers decide, for example, whether they really need that dusty unused crock pot taking up space on their kitchen counter. But she would never reveal the personal situation that made it difficult for her client to part with the item for so long.

Van Arsdale just doesn’t help people stack their Tupperware. She said “I am helping them come to terms with some of their issues.” She believes that if you clear your clutter, you will clear your mind.

In a previous career as a radio sales manager, she was always the one that was organized. Others in the office would ask for help and follow her technique. I think I’ve got organized genes, said Van Arsdale, who started her business in 2008.

When her oldest son was born, now 17, she moved to Fairfield County. She was a stay at home mother with four children.  She started this business out of necessity. She began renting her beach front house every summer. Summer after summer she cleared the clutter and closets welcoming in tenants visiting Fairfield County from all over the world. After helping friends and family organize their homes, she decided to start her own business, Simply Organize It.

Sometimes clients just need someone to help them get comfortable in a new home, situate themselves in a cramped home office, or devise a system for making sure important tasks get done on time.

When she is working with a new client, it requires an in person assessment of the situation. Van Arsdale then determines what the client wants and needs. She tries to make sure he or she isn’t just looking for someone to do an installation or just have a house cleaned out.

“Ninety nine percent of the work I do is hands on,” Van Arsdale said.  She gets the home owner to clean and empty spaces such as closets, cupboards, and drawers.  Van Arsdale also works with businesses so that they can have a presentable front office and workspaces.  She also enjoys organizing papers and records. She will organize your entire home or office. 

There is no typical client.  Everyone’s needs are different.  Clients may need help getting organized in a new home or making a transition as children grow. Before any installation is made, clients are told:  “sort your stuff.”  They often discover that nothing new is needed once unused and unwanted items are discarded.

While Van Arsdale helps guide her clients, in the end they decide how to organize their things. “you need to give yourself permission to live in your house the way you want to.  It’s not your mother’s house or your sister’s house, it is your house.”

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